The Electronics Inside


The Electronics Inside a Game:

Electronic Game devices are basically built from electronic products. Inside an Electronic Game – Electronic Fun Toy device there is a battery, several electronic components, a display, and maybe a keypad or just switches.  Another item inside, than you can not see, is a control program call firmware which is an item that controls all the electronic components. The firmware takes information from the keypad or switched, sends it to some type of micro-processor and then writes data out to the display. The battery of course supply electrical current to power all the electronic components. Everybody now days, even the very young, knows what ‘LOW BATTERY’ means, even before they can read.

Lets look at the components inside:

Battery pack

Rechargeable Battery Pack



AAA Battery Pack


Display and switches

Display and Switches


Micro-processor device:


Final Product of a Micro-Processor Device



The Silicon Chip with Header and bond wires of a Micro-Processor


microprocessor 2

The Artwork of a Micro-processor


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