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Hey everybody, I am Larry and I have been evolved with the electronics industry for the past 40 plus years. I started my career in electronics in the USAF working on the airborne radar fire control system in the F101 jet fighter aircraft. img207


My background


WOW how the electronic industry has changed during my career. Over those 40 years I have seen the electronics industry as a whole change drastically. I have been involved with it from vacuum tube, to transistors, to highly complex programmable logic arrays and micro-processors. I have seen memory for example go from 32 Thousand Bytes of core memory which cost $22,000 to 64 Giga (million) Bytes of semiconductor memory which now cost less the $25.00. Programmable arrays replace hundreds of individule integrated circuits. Micro-processors are now in everything from cars to house-hold appliances. .


I have been retired from a major electronic firm for a littler over ten years. I always enjoyed my jobs in electronics. I would not say that when schedules are near the end that the job did not get hectic and frustrating. However it always kept my interest. The aspect of what electronic has done to the hand held gaming industry is remarkable. Hopefully I can help you find something that would interest your child. However, be aware that these devices as well as programs on computers can be addictive. So supervise your young one and limit the time they spend on them. Enjoy them and have fun! If you see anything in this web sit that may interest you and you would like to discuss it please contact me




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